How to Draw a Cat Step by Step

Do you want to draw a cat? This step-by-step tutorial can provide you with some help. Cats have always been one of mankind’s favorite pets. They are especially loved by women.

Just follow our tutorial and you can draw a realistic cat in a few simple steps.


1. Draw a Cat – Guide Lines

First, we draw the contour of the cat.

For the head we draw a slightly smaller circle. Note that the lower part of the circle is more pointed.

Next, we draw two ovals on the cat’s torso. Note the position of the two ellipses.

After that, we draw the guiding circles for the cat’s legs and paws. Next, we connect the circles with curved lines to draw the basic outline of the cat’s legs.

Finally, we drew the contours of the cat’s ears and eyes.


2.Detail of drawing a cat

Next we begin to draw the outline of the cat’s nose and mouth.

Then, use an eraser to erase any unwanted auxiliary lines.

We begin to draw the details of the cat.

The eyes, the ears, the body and some details of the cat’s claws.


3.Draw the lines on the cat’s fur

Then we began to draw the whiskers, the shadows of the cat’s eyes, and the important patterns in the cat’s fur.

If you have colored pencils, you can draw some colors for the ears, eyes, and the cat’s nose.


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