How to Draw Christmas Cards Easy Step by Step

Do you want to draw Christmas cards? And, you are also a beginner and want to find easy tutorials for drawing Christmas cards.

Well, you’re in the right place, and we’ve prepared some simple step-by-step tutorials.

1.Draw Christmas Tree Cards – Clouds

For the first one, we drew a Christmas tree in the shape of a cloud。

or you can imagine it as a Christmas tree with layers of melted cheese!

First, we draw a large triangle as an auxiliary line.

The triangle defines the basic shape of the Christmas tree, so you can get the angle of the triangle to your liking.


2. Winding Road Christmas Tree and Banner Christmas Tree Ideas

Aren’t these two Christmas tree painting ideas simple and fun?

However, DIY Christmas cards can bring special joy to your friends and family.

Try them out boldly.


3. Draw Letter M Christmas Tree

This DIY Christmas card design is fun, you just have to draw some M’s.

Of course, in the end, you can add some lights or candy canes to decorate your artwork.


4.Draw W shaped Christmas tree greeting card

For this one DIY Christmas card we just need to draw some w…

However, it needs to be distorted a bit.


5.Pinecone Christmas Tree

These three Christmas trees are also very easy. Even beginners can easily try to draw them.


6. Draw an 8-letter Christmas tree and triangle puzzle Christmas tree.


7. Draw Circle Patchwork Christmas Tree and Fish Scale Christmas Tree

These two drawing Christmas tree designs can be easily done even by children.


8. Line Drawing Christmas Tree

This is the easiest way to draw a Christmas tree!


9. Draw U-shaped lattice Christmas trees and spiral Christmas trees.

Here, we’re done with our organized method of drawing Christmas tree cards.

You’ll find that even if you don’t put much time into it, a handmade Christmas card makes a world of difference.

A Christmas card that you draw with your own hands is the most special and best gift ever.


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