How to Draw Poppy Easy Step by Step

Poppies are gorgeous and colorful. Today we are going to draw poppy easy step by step. This tutorial is so easy that even beginners can draw beautiful poppies.


1. Draw Poppy Easy – Flower Outline

First, we draw two concentric circles. One large and one small.

The smaller one is the stamen part of the poppy and does not need to be too round.

Then using the large circle as a base, we start to drawing the poppy petals. Note the lines around the edges of the petals.


2. Painting poppy leaves and young flowers

Then we draw the flower stems. Then we draw the young poppy flowers, and the leaves.

Note the serrations on the edges of the leaves.

After that, we erase the auxiliary lines with the eraser.

Next we draw the details of the stamen.


3. Painting details

Finally we started to draw the poppy details.

First we draw the lines on the petals.

Then we draw the veins of the leaves, and the small burrs on the stems of the flowers.

Finally, we finished drawing a poppy flower easily. How did you finish your work? Leave us a comment below if you want to show off your proud painting.


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