How to Draw a Cat Face Step by Step

Do you like cats? They are probably the most popular animals in the world. So, today we are going to draw a cat face again.

Follow our step-by-step tutorial and you too can easily draw realistic cats.


1.Draw a cat face – auxiliary lines

First, we still need to draw auxiliary lines. As for drawing beginners, this will allow us to draw more perfectly at the beginning. Increase our self-confidence.

Let’s start by drawing a large square. Then divide it into four small squares.

Next, we draw the outline of the cat’s face. It is a nice circle.

Then we drew the outline of the ears and eyes.

With the auxiliary lines, we can easily determine their position.



2. Cat face details

Next, we start to draw the cat’s nose and mouth.

Then comes the fuzzy patches on the cat’s face.

And the spots on the mouth.

We start to add details slowly. For example, the shadows on the eye area.



3. Cat’s Fluff

Next, we draw the shadow of the cat’s nose.

Then we draw the fuzz of the cat’s ears.

Finally, we slowly refine the fur on the cat’s face. Just pay attention to the markings and deepen the shading.

Don’t forget to draw the whiskers at the end.


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