How to Draw a Poppy Step by Step

Today we will once again show how to draw a poppy flower. The poppy is gorgeous! It is not only useful in horticulture but also has medical value.

And in tattoo art, poppies are one of the most popular flowers.

Would you like to draw a simple poppy flower? This step-by-step tutorial will help you draw a beautiful poppy with easy to draw lines.


1. Draw a poppy – stamen and petal outline

First, we draw the stamen. The stamen of a poppy is thick and tall.

So we draw a trapezoid shape and then draw rippling lines on it.

Then we draw the petals. First, we draw the top and bottom petals. Note the lines around the edges.

Finally, we draw the left and right flower petals.

Looks easy to do, doesn’t it?


2.Stamen details

Then we started to draw the details of the stamen.

We draw some small circles, which are the pistils.

Then we draw some split arcs on top of the stamens. Notice the angle of the arcs.

This gives your stamen more dimension.

Finally, we draw some shadow lines. And the bending effect on the edge of the petals.


3. Drawing shadows

Then we start drawing the lines inside the petals. Complete the shading.

Note the direction of the lines at the bend of the petals.

At the stamen, we also need to add some shadows.

Finally, we draw the branches. Then draw some thorns.

Here, a beautiful poppy flower is drawn. How is your work? If you want to show it please leave us a message in the comments section.


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