The Perfect Back to School Nail Designs

The perfect back to school nail design can give you the motivation to go back to school. The holidays are almost over and school is back in session.

You need to give yourself some motivation to put in the hard work of studying. A beautiful manicure is a perfect reward. We’ve compiled a few perfect back-to-school nail ideas that are so simple, some of them you can do at home with a DIY.


1. Simple and cute back to school nails

School Manicure art is as simple as possible. Long nail designs and gorgeous rhinestones are not suitable for school.

French nails combined with cute little yellow flowers, simple geometric shapes, carefully blended colors, and study-related scales, letters, brushes, etc. can easily create the perfect school nails.

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2.DIY campus nail design

With simple colors and some creativity, you can DIY a beautiful school Manicure art. This can keep you motivated all semester long.


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