December Birth Flower Tattoos: Narcissus and Holly Tattoo

December birth flower tattoos include narcissus tattoos and holly tattoos. Narcissus tattoos symbolize hope and rebirth. And the holly tattoo symbolizes family happiness.

The name Narcissus is also derived from the ancient Greek word.

Narcissus is associated with a handsome young man in Greek mythology. He fell in love with his reflection in the water and later realized that it was simply unattainable and committed suicide.


1. Narcissus tattoo design

X-Ray-style tattoos are very attractive. Below one is an X-Ray style Narcissus tattoo and one is a classic dotted work tattoo, which one do you like?

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2. Holly tattoo design

The bright red holly has some connection with Christianity. In some parts of Europe holly is known as the Christ thorn.


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Above is our collection of beautiful December birth flower tattoos. They all have a beautiful symbolic meaning, choose the most suitable one for you to save. Or find your own tattoo inspiration with our compilation of December tattoo designs.


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