October Birth Flower Tattoos: Marigold and Cosmos

October birth flower tattoos are marigold tattoos and cosmos tattoos. Marigold is also known as the “herb of the sun” because this flower will only bloom when the sun shines. However, the marigold sometimes represents the sadness of a departed loved one.

However, nowadays, people are more interested in the beautiful sunny color of marigolds. Therefore, marigolds also signify happiness and warmth. Moreover, its golden flowers are also reminiscent of a lion, so the marigold also symbolizes bravery and courage.

Orange and yellow marigolds are the most beautiful. It best represents the golden autumn and October. Autumn is the season of harvest and this warm-colored marigold tattoo makes people feel happy and warm.

Cosmos is very delicate and its petals are evenly distributed. Symmetrical and perfect. It has a feminine and delicate beauty.


1. Marigold tattoo design

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2. Cosmos tattoo

“Cosmos” name comes from the Greek language. It means to order and beauty. This flower also means the flower of love.

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October birth flower tattoos are very beautiful tattoos. Choose one of your favorites from our tattoo images.


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