Best Watercolor Tattoo Ideas 2020 Impress you

What is watercolor tattoo ideas? From its name, you can easily understand that this tattoo is derived from the classic watercolor art.

Watercolor tattoos completely imitate the art of watercolor painting on your skin. Their bright and smooth colors are more visually striking. Since colors have no rigid outlines, they are more free and expressive.

Watercolor tattoos are more delicate than traditional tattoos. He is increasingly sought after by young people. Keep scrolling to see the beautiful watercolor tattoos we collected, and hope they will give you the best inspiration.


1.Tree watercolor tattoo

Watercolor tree tattoos with family fingerprints, flowing colors, record the warm and rich family life

There is also a watercolor tattoo of the tree of life, and the watercolor style can better express the strong vitality of the tree of life.

The third thought-provoking composition and color, the swinging swing, the flying bird, and the use of orange and blue colors represent the disorderly passing of the years of life and the warm and beautiful memories of life.

2.Watercolor flower tattoo

A simple flower, the handle is the child’s name. This is the most meaningful tattoo. Beautiful pink and purple watercolor, to the child’s love, like the water is as rich, like the water is as deeply soaked.

3.Cover old tattoo

Because of the rich colors of watercolor tattoos, it can cover tattoos that failed previously. Take a look at these amazing tattoos created again, whether there is a feeling of seeing light again.

4.Watercolor cherry flower tattoo

Watercolor is best used to describe flowers. The colorful and natural flowing colors look real and vivid.

5.Watercolor tattoo ideas about butterfly

Realistic shadows, dotted flowers, the entire butterfly seemed to fly away from the shoulder. The powerful expressive power of watercolor tattoos is amazing.

6.Watercolor floral tattoo on ankle

Elegant and beautiful little wreaths, only watercolor paintings can show such lovely little wreaths.

7.Watercolor Deathly Hallows Tattoo

The floating color effect of the watercolor painting better shows the mysterious atmosphere of the Deathly Hallows. As if the soul was writhing and floating.

8.Skull Watercolor tattoo ideas

Skull and flower tattoos, death, and rebirth. Lion and mandala floral tattoo. There is also a peculiar bobcat half face tattoo. The use of watercolor painting techniques makes these tattoos more attractive. Which one would you choose?

9.Dragonfly tattoo

Very characteristic watercolor dragonfly tattoos. A gradient black full of grain is very special. Blue eyes are the finishing touch.

10.Tattoo modification

After the modification, the color is more vivid, and the whole tattoo is more vivid. It seems that it is necessary to find a good tattoo artist.

11.Characteristic character tattoo ideas

A contrasting character change effect. Demonstrated a huge determination to change himself.

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