Exquisite Frame Tattoo Designs Shock You

Do you know the frame tattoo? The elongated rectangular frame tattoos we show today are unusual pieces. They have a unique shape, exquisite.

This frame tattoo usually only shows a part of the overall picture, and the rest is left to you to imagine, which is fascinating.

This rectangular tattoo design is usually set in an Asian-style piece. Especially the traditional ink style landscape paintings. And some tattoo elements will go beyond the frame. It’s like sneaking out. This gives this rectangular tattoo a vibrant and interesting meaning.

This tattoo originated in Korea, so most of the works are elements of Oriental art. In this article, we have compiled the works of a Chinese tattoo artist. Let’s take a look at this peculiar tattoo idea.


1.Chinese landscape painting style frame tattoo ideas

Chinese landscape painting is famous for its simple colors and artistic conception. This oriental freehand style combined with frame tattoos creates very special tattoos.

The cranes and pine trees in Chinese painting represent longevity.

2.Watercolor Chinese painting tattoo

The contrast between watercolor style frame tattoos and ink style frame tattoos. Do you like this oriental tattoo?

The crane is one of China’s favorite animals. The crane tattoo represents good luck and longevity.

3.Funny comic tattoo

Manga movie tattoos, Wall-E and Eve, very cute manga tattoos.

Combined with the frame tattoos create a special mood.

4.Nice frame tattoo behind the ear

Rolling mountains, flying birds, gorgeous clouds. Very artistic watercolor frame tattoos. Tattoos are behind the ears, in eye-catching parts, showing your unique personality.

5.Arm frame tattoo

Beautiful crane tattooed on the forearm. The mountain and sea in the style of Japanese painting combine the flying cranes.

There are also several exquisite frame tattoo ideas and beautiful little tattoos, find your favorite tattoos idea.

6.Dragon and Phoenix Frame Tattoos

China believes that the dragon and the phoenix are auspicious. Stunning forearm dragon and phoenix tattoos.

7.Golden style frame tattoos

In China, the golden color represents wealth. Compared with the traditional simple landscape painting style tattoo, the golden frame tattoos, which one do you prefer?

8.Thigh frame tattoos

The Chinese painting style frame tattoos with a distant mood are on the thigh, and the Chinese style is very attractive.

The last gorgeous Chinese wind and landscape frame tattoos idea, which one would you choose?

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