Cute Small Tattoos for Women 2020

Do you want to try tattoos? So generally for the first time, you should try a small tattoo. Today, in our article, we prepared 20+ cute small tattoos for women. They will give you the best inspiration.

Although small tattoos are small, they can also express great significance. We can express your hobbies. And such a small tattoo is discreet, you can easily convince yourself and your family, right?

Let’s start enjoying these amazing tattoo arts. Remember to save those pictures you love the most.

Funny cartoon tattoo

Do you like cartoons? There are too many classic characters in cartoons. Tattoo your favorite cartoon image on your body so that you will not be short of tattoo ideas.

Delicate cute ear small tattoos

Ear tattoos are more popular today. Especially some delicate flower tattoos. It is a good choice whether it is on or under the ear.

Such as beautiful maple leaves, charming sunflowers. There are all kinds of flowers you like.

Anime cute small tattoos

Taken from some classic elements in the popular cartoon Sailor Moon in Japan. If you like Japanese cartoons, try these cute tattoo designs.

Cute cat and rabbit tattoo ideas

Cats and rabbits in ice cream cones! Plus some beautiful flowers. how about it? Isn’t it cute?

Beautiful wrist tattoo

Beautiful flower and feather tattoo on the wrist. Tattoos are sometimes used to cover up scars. Let us forget some of the past pains, completely change ourselves, and have a wonderful new life.

Another tattoo covering the scar

Ankle cute small tattoos

Tattoo around the ankles about starry fantasy. Cool ideas. Little blue and red stars, the moon, Jupiter, and other small elements about the universe. Very cute little tattoo.

Skull skeleton tattoo

Cool tattoo ideas, skulls, and blooming flowers. The idea of a skeleton human arm turning into a flowering branch is amazing. There is a strong contrast between death and beauty.

Cute Small Tattoos behind the ears

Lovely bouquet with tattoos behind the ears, blue and pink, beautiful match.

Cute little tattoo on the ankle

Discreet flower tattoo design, simple lines, light colors, outline lovely and elegant little lilies. A small tattoo like this makes the ankle more beautiful.

Cute books and flowers tattoo ideas

Look, cute little flowers fly out of the book, stars flicker, fabulous tattoo ideas. It’s amazing, do you like it?

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