40+ Extremely Creative Halloween Nail Ideas

It’s only a few days until Halloween! We’ve prepared 40+ highly creative Halloween nail ideas that will help you stand out in Halloween 2020.

Are you looking for creepy or somewhat playful Halloween nail designs? We found it all for you.

These Halloween manicures will inspire you.


1. Black Snake Print Halloween Nail Ideas

Black is always tightly associated with Halloween. If your Halloween makeup and costume is a snake-related design, then this snake print nail idea is definitely for you.

source: @nailedbygorgeous_shai/


2. Screaming Nails Halloween Nail Ideas

Halloween nails always have to have a scream element. The ghostly costumes are iconic. The mock red splash of blood is creepy. There’s also the graveyard element incorporated.

Whether matte or glossy, scream nails will get you moving.

Spiders and spider webs fused into the nail art are also great. Especially if your makeup is a scary spider.

source: @/katninh/


3. Ghost Nails

Haunted houses, ghosts, spells, voodoo all these elements of ghostly horror into nail art. You will get the most creative Halloween nail designs.

Of course, it takes the creative genius of nail artists to blend it all together. Take a look at these ideas below and you won’t be able to help but be amazed.

source: @/magianegranails/


4. Hellfire and Snake Nail Ideas

It’s so cool that the flames start burning from your fingertips. Especially since you can play with any color of flame you want!

Look, how about the Black Fear of Fire?

Next is a nail snaking around a little snake, how cool is that!

source: @/magianegranails/


5. Mystery Elements Nail Ideas

The eye of God, the death symbols, the stars and constellations, these will always be the curious elements of mankind.

Incorporating them into nail art adds a great deal to the Halloween festivities.

source: @/magianegranails/


6. Cute and Scary Manicure Ideas

Which one would you choose? Here are all the nail ideas, find your inspiration.

source: @/abbydoesnails/

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