How to Draw a Joker | Step by Step Tutorial

Today we’re going to draw a Joker. This is Heath Ledger as the classic clown. Many people love Heath Ledger’s version of the Joker character.

We’re still using a step-by-step tutorial to complete this most charismatic comic character of all time. The terrifying Joker is Batman’s most infamous arch-enemy.


1.Draw a clown basic outline

First, draw a circle, then draw auxiliary lines, facial outlines.

We’re going to draw the classic Heath Ledger clown crooked head shape, so pay attention to the angle of the tilt of the auxiliary lines.


2. Draw the clown’s features

First draw the auxiliary lines for the eye position, as well as the nose and mouth.

The eyes are upward slanting horror and neurotic. Therefore, the pupil position should be close to the top.

Then comes the horror ray-like makeup effect of the eyes. Next is the pointy nose.

Finally draw the evil horror of the clown’s mouth with the mouth tearing effect.


3. Draw Joker with messy hair

Heath Ledger Joker’s hair is distinctive, parted long, messy and curly.

We start by drawing the general outline of the hair. Then draw the messy and curly effect.

Finally, simply draw the clown’s suit tie.


4. Draw details and shadows

Finally, paint the clown with shadows and hair details.

This is a simple tutorial without too many shading variations. It’s easy for us beginners to complete.

How is your artwork? Let’s show it in the comments section. Let us all see the results of your practice.

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