How to Draw Jack Skellington and Sally

Use the step-by-step tutorial below to draw Jack Skellington and Sally! This is another simple tutorial for facing beginners. They are really simple.

And, we hope that this drawing exercise will inspire you to make up for Halloween.

Jack and Sally are the protagonists and important characters in the classic film, The Nightmare Before Christmas. We are very impressed with them all.


1.Painting Jack Skellington’s head

First draw a circle, then draw the thin neck of the Pumpkin King.

Then draw two auxiliary lines inside the circle. This time we need auxiliary lines that have curvature.

Then draw the general shape of the pumpkin king’s mouth and the general outline of his eyes. Note that we’re drawing a slightly sideways view, so one eye should be smaller.


2.The details of drawing Jack

Refine the details of Jack’s eyes. Next is his bow tie, with its large bat shape.

Next is the outline of the nose, then the mouth, which is long and full of stitched threads.

Finally draw some shadows. If you want to simplify it even more, then just feel free to black out the Pumpkin King’s eyes and bow tie, and nostrils.

But you can also do what we did and give the Pumpkin King a richer shade, which looks a little more three-dimensional.


3. Painting Jack Skellington and Sally – the heroine Sally

We start drawing Sally, and as with Jack, we first need to draw a circle with a thin neck and shoulders.

Then the two vertical auxiliary lines through the center of the circle, followed by the auxiliary line for drawing the mouth.



4. Painting Sally’s details

Draw Sally’s eyes, nose, and mouth. With the help of auxiliary lines, you’ll find that as a beginner you’ll be able to accurately draw the characteristic features.

Note the long stitches at the corners of Sally’s mouth.

Then the effect of the stitches in other places, followed by the rough outline of Sally’s hair after you’ve finished drawing her.

Finally start drawing the shadows.

Isn’t that easy? We finished with an image of a Sally painting.


5. Draw Jack Skellington and Sally – Step-by-Step Chart


Jack Skellington Halloween Makeup and Sally Halloween Costume

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