20+ Jack Skellington Tattoos and Sally Tattoos

Jack Skellington Tattoos and Sally Tattoos are scary and romantic. Have you considered trying out this appealing Nightmare Before Christmas tattoo?

This Disney animated love story is legendary and arguably a great movie. This movie offers many stunning and impactful tattoo ideas for tattoo artists.

Take a look at the Jack and Sally tattoos we have compiled and you will be deeply shocked. You’ll ponder the true meaning of love as much as we do.


1.Colorful Jack Skellington Tattoos and Sally Tattoos

The colors give this love story a tattoo a little extra warmth. It’s a little weird, but this particular tattoo is more thought-provoking.



2. Black Jack and Sally Tattoo

Dot work tattoos are the most traditional tattoos, and this dark and creepy vibe used to represent Jack and Sally is the perfect fit.

Of course, the black watercolor style is stunning as well, and you can feel the darkness spreading.




3. Stunning “Nightmare Before Christmas” tattoo

How about more color? You can feel the other side of Jack or Sally.



4.Watercolor Jack Skellington Tattoos and Sally Tattoos

How unique is this, watercolor Jack tattoos and Sally tattoos, and of course Ghost Dog Zero!

Watercolor tattoos are more natural and energetic and have a more scary atmosphere.



5. Simple Jack Tattoo

Simple black dot work tattoos, in keeping with the unique flavor of the original animation abstract.


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