How to Draw a Spider for Halloween – Step by Step

Today we’re going to practice how to draw a spider for this year’s Halloween. This is still a concise step-by-step tutorial.

Just follow the tutorial step by step and you will be able to draw a creepy spider easily. You can use it to decorate your Halloween cards, posters, or parties, or to decorate your front door entrance.

This spider will be your amazing piece of work this Halloween.


1. Draw a spider outline.

Draw the general outline of a spider’s body. This is a ferocious tarantula.

First, draw a circle, then draw the tarantula’s mouthparts on top of the circle, which look like the tip of a human finger.

Then draw a drop-shaped oval on the bottom of the circle.


2. Draw the legs of a tarantula

The legs of the tarantulas are strong and segmented. Let’s draw them one at a time. It’s easier to draw this way.

Note the direction in which the tarantula’s legs bend.

We’ll have experienced after painting one leg. Quickly finish drawing the other legs of the tarantula.


3.Draw a spider shadow and short hair

Draw the tarantula’s short burrs, at last, just the reason spiders are creepy!

Next, draw some shadows, this makes the tarantula you draw look more realistic.

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