How to Draw Grim Reaper Face – Step by Step Tutorial

Do you want to draw Grim Reaper? Especially since Halloween is right around the corner, if you want to dress up as a grim reaper or make Halloween decorations, then this drawing exercise will give you the experience and inspiration you need.

It’s a simple step-by-step tutorial for beginners and you’ll find it easy to complete, so let’s get started with the exercise.


1. Draw Grim Reaper head

First, draw a circle, then draw an inverted V shape in the center of the circle.

Start drawing two sloping lines at the bottom of the inverted V. Note the angle of the lines.

The lines extend all the way to the edge of the circle.

The slanted lines define the eye, then draw the outline of the eye.


2. Draw grim reaper nose and chin

Finish Death’s eyes, then draw the nose. Death is also a skeleton, note the shape of his nostrils.

Then draw Death’s chin, note the proportions, the chin is easy to complete, it is made up of 5 curved lines.

Then draw the rough outline of the teeth. That’s easy too, two wavy lines will do it.


3. Finish drawing the initial outline of the Grim Reaper face

To begin drawing your cheekbones, you can also draw an auxiliary line to determine the position and size of your cheekbones.

Finally, draw the hat for Death’s iconic cape. Draw the inner edge outline of the cape hat first, followed by the outer edge.


4. draw a shadow

Finally, shade your masterpiece.

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