How to Draw Corpse Bride (Emily)-Easy Step by Step

Today we are going to draw Corpse Bride (Emily) for beginners. Emily features creepy doll eyes and an overall somewhat cold blue tone.

This step-by-step tutorial is still simple and easy to follow. And, if you’re planning to make up a Corpse bride for Halloween, this tutorial will give you a lot of experience and inspiration.


1. Draw Corpse Bride head

First, draw an ellipse, then draw the auxiliary line. The horizontal line should be some way below the ellipse. This is the approximate outline of Emily’s head.

Then, draw the shoulder line.

Next, draw Emily’s eyes, two round doll eyes.

After that, draw Emily’s veil. The ends of the veil will come down to Emily’s shoulders.


2. Draw Emily’s facial details.

Detail of painting corpse bride’s eyes. Long sloping eyebrows, very small eyeballs.

Then paint Emily’s nose and mouth. The nose also in the style of the skull.

Then paint the wilted flowers on top of Emily’s veil.


3. Corpse Bride Shadows

Start drawing some shadows for Emily.

First perfect the detail of the hair. A piece of detached skin on the right side of the face can also be painted.

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