How to Draw Bats for Halloween-Step by Step

Halloween 2020 is coming soon. Today, we are going to draw bats for Halloween. This process of drawing bats is super simple and fun. You can do it easily with the kids.

This year’s Halloween is destined to be a special holiday due to the impact of the epidemic. To survive this difficult year, we must consider DIY Halloween decorations.

First, let’s start with bat decoration.


1.Draw bats ears

First, let’s draw the two ears of the bat, master the arc, the ears should be pointed.


2.Draw bat wings

The second step is to draw the bat’s wings. You can try a few more times for the height of the wings. You can draw bat works with various wing angles with kids. See which one is your favorite.


3.Draw bats eyes

Drawing fierce eyes on your bat. The atmosphere of Halloween is immediately filled with your work. Don’t forget to paint the pointed belly of the bat.


4.Paint your bat black

Finally, the most interesting step is to apply black. The black painted by the pencil cannot reach the deep black we expected. You can try a black watercolor pen.

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