20+ Amazing Lotus Tattoos & Meanings

Lotus tattoos have a deep meaning. Especially in the East, lotus always has a deep relationship with religion.

Lotus is a very important spiritual symbol in Hinduism and Buddhist Chinese style. The Buddha always sits or stands on the lotus. In religion, the lotus symbolizes sacred and perfect beauty. It also symbolizes the birth and reincarnation of life.

And because the lotus always grows in the mud, but it can bloom clean and beautiful flowers, the lotus also symbolizes the pure beauty of women.


1. Lotus tattoos on chest and back

The lotus flower is symmetrical and perfect. These large black ink lotus tattoo designs make people feel the beauty of mysterious order.

The restrained and tranquil style makes people feel peaceful.

source: @/tattooartistrybyjenna/


2. Lotus tattoos on foot and arm

Arms and ankles are also places where lotus tattoo often appear.

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3. Small lotus flower tattoo design

Minimalist style tattoo ideas are best for flowers like the lotus.

This style can make people feel the peace of soul and spirit.

Nowadays, the impetuous and rapidly developing society needs such art to calm us down.

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4. Intricate pattern lotus

Intricate patterns and lotus tattoos are mysterious and beautiful.

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5. Meditation lotus

Sit cross-legged and meditate like a Buddha. Awaken your inner self.

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