20+ Best Butterfly Tattoo Designs 2020

Butterfly tattoo designs are a popular choice for women’s tattoos. The butterfly symbolizes freedom, lightness, and transformation. It also symbolizes the delicate beauty of women.

Butterfly tattoos often appear in conjunction with other tattoo elements. For example, flowers, birds.

Butterflies in nature are very beautiful and common. They come in various colors and sizes. They danced silently and gracefully and ethereal. Therefore, human beings are looking forward to flying as gracefully as butterflies.

Take a look at the best butterfly tattoos we have compiled, and you will get your unique tattoo inspiration.


1. Realistic butterfly tattoo designs

A real and beautiful butterfly tattoo works best to reflect the beauty of butterflies. With such a tattoo, you will immediately be noticed and envy your body art.


2. Butterfly tattoo designs with a flower wing

This is the best combination of butterfly and flower tattoo ideas. Each one is a masterpiece of tattoos.

It symbolizes that everything is interdependent. Equality and respect can be harmonious and beautiful.

Butterflies have flowers to survive, and flowers are the same. Only by relying on butterflies can they pass pollen, so that the flowers can be more beautiful and evolve more perfectly.


3. The most beautiful flower wing butterfly

Still the most popular flower wing butterfly tattoo idea. You will get the best inspiration for flower wing tattoos.


4. Fly together Butterfly tattoo designs

In the East, two flying butterflies represent love.

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