How to Draw an Eye As a Beginner

Draw an eye is a cool process. Especially as a beginner in drawing, this is a challenging and fun learning process.

The eye is the window of the soul and one of the most expressive and important organs of human beings. The eyes are also one of the most important features in the drawing.

It takes a lot of practice to draw realistic and perfect eyes, so let’s start together. Draw a simple eye step by step.


1. First outline the approximate shape of the eyes

As a beginner, the lines we draw are not perfect and sometimes make mistakes. Don’t pay attention to it, just keep drawing.


2. Draw an eye pupil

Continue to outline the approximate shape of the pupil of the eye.


3. Fill pupils and iris

Start drawing shade and details. Some spokes in the pupils make the eyes look more vivid.

I also improved some imperfections.

The eyelashes need to be curved, and I painted some places that are not curved, so they don’t look pretty.

If you are also a beginner in drawing, you can leave a message below if you want to communicate.

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