How to Draw a Scarecrow – Inspire Halloween Makeup

Do you want to draw a scarecrow for Halloween? Follow us today as we try to draw one step by step.

It’s an easy step-by-step tutorial. And, if you’re looking to make up a creepy scarecrow this Halloween, you’ll find that this drawing tutorial you’re attempting can be a great inspiration and help.

Let’s get started right away.


1.Draw a scarecrow eyes

Let’s start with the eyes. The eyes of the scarecrow are simple, with a sloping S shape at the top.


2.Draw a scarecrow the nose and mouth.

Draw a rough outline of the nose and mouth.

Note the effect of drawing the stitching and twine.


3. Draw the details of the scarecrow’s head

Draw the scarecrow’s face and some details. These are irregular lines and shapes, so they are easy to draw.

Finally, draw the shadows, taking care that the scarecrow is drawn with vertical and horizontal lines that look like linen to make it more realistic.


4. Halloween Scarecrow Makeup

You have completed a scarecrow painting. Now try a Halloween makeup. You can surely create amazing Halloween scarecrow looks too. Impress your friends and family with your creations.

source: @/saltando_la_pietra/

You can also use your practiced scarecrow painting skills to make a DIY Halloween scarecrow decoration, and you should be confident in making a cute or creepy scarecrow。

If you’d like to show off your masterpiece, post it in the comments section below.

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