How to Draw CHUCKY (Child’s Play)-Step by Step

Do you want to learn how to draw Chucky? As a beginner, we have prepared an easy step by step tutorial. Allows you to draw a realistic and scary doll killer.

Also, it’s almost Halloween, and practicing drawing Chucky will help you a lot in preparing for Halloween makeup.

Scars and stitches and bleeding eyes are the keys to realistic Chucky! Let’s try it together.

source: @/the_artof_kyle/


1.Draw the outline of Chucky’s head.

Draw a circle first, then draw the outline of the chin in the lower part.

Note that Chucky is a Play-Doh doll, so his head should be a little more rounded, similar to a baby.


2.Draw Chucky’s eyes and nose.

Notice that you draw an auxiliary line slightly up against the bottom of the circle. This is where the eyes are.

Draw the horizontal line between the eyes, then the eyebrows that slope upward. Next, draw the eyes, preferably bigger.

Then draw the nose. Simply draw a small circle with two curved lines.


3.Draw Chucky mouths and eyeballs.

Note the lines from the corners of the mouth to the nose, which makes Chucky even more terrifying.

The eyes are easy to complete, just follow the tutorial step by step to draw them.



4. Drawing scars and sutures.

This is the coolest part. The creepy vibe was immediate.

You’ll have to practice this part carefully if you’re planning to dress up as Chucky for Halloween.


5.Draw Chucky the last details.

Finish Chucky’s hair and some details.

Behold, a terrifying Muppet killer leaps off the page.


6.Halloween Chucky Makeup

Finish a Chucky painting and you should try out how to do Chucky makeup for Halloween.

source: @/aninha/

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