10+ Halloween Venom Makeup Extreme Fear

Do you still want to try Halloween Venom makeup this year? This scary Halloween makeup look hasn’t gone out of style!

This Venom look is sure to still wow your friends on Halloween 2020. Impress them with it.

And as long as you catch Venom’s appearance features like scary eyes, sharp teeth, long tongue, and parasitic blood vessels, you’ll find that Venom makeup is easy.


1. Half-Face Halloween Venom Makeup

Sometimes half-face venom is more frightening and easier to achieve.

Especially with the watercolor style Venom makeup below, you’ll have a scary alien parasite look in short order.

source: @/sydneypurl/


2. Parasitic venom in progress.

The vascular tentacles that are spreading are creepy. However, it takes skillful shading techniques to apply realistic makeup.

You can try mimicking it on your arms first.

The giant tongue of makeup Venom on the neck is also a great idea. Plus the long sharp teeth. You’ll be shocked at how realistic you can create such a realistic Halloween alien symbiote look.

source: @/crystalbruises/

3. DIY Materials Halloween Venom Makeup

You can also find some easy materials at home to DIY your venom look.

For example, you can cut out the teeth of Venom Horror using plastic bottles that hold the kitchen cleaner. Eyes can be made out of the shock absorbent material used to pack apples.

But the teeth shouldn’t be too sharp, so always be safe.

source: @/emily.ross.makeup/   @/kelliecorbett/


4. DIY Venom’s Finger

Venom’s fingers are also easy to DIY. black gloves and some twisted long nails will do the trick.

This will give your Venom a more realistic look.

source: @/carmacosplay/


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