Other Coraline Makeup for Halloween

Coraline makeup is a special Halloween makeup. It is full of fear and profound meaning. Especially the buttons, which are the most important symbol of the entire makeup.

In another world, people use buttons instead of eyes. Black buttons indicate that these characters lack soul. People cannot interpret each other’s motives through the most important eyes, and cannot establish emotional connections.

Coraline makeup can also express the girl’s strong adventure and curiosity. When encountering difficulties, you must find a solution without any help.


1. Half Face Coraline Makeup Ideas

The half-face makeup is more dramatic and the contrast is stronger. Moreover, makeup is much easier. With a button on one eye, you can easily see the road.

source: @/chlo.makeuppp/


2. The other mother Halloween makeup

The other mother was horribly thin. Moles on the corners of the mouth and cracks on the face are all key elements.

Of course, there are also iconic buttons. You can also DIY buttons with paper. Simple and cost-effective.

source: @/adrielly_r16/


source: @/katlly/


3. White the other mother makeup ideas

Black and white makeup is associated with ghosts in many cultures. Such looks are full of a strong sense of fear.

source: @/raisaoliveiramakeup/


4. Simple Coraline makeup

Blue hair, black curvy eyebrows.

It would be nice to add exaggerated makeup on the corners of the mouth.

source: @/xpatricia___/


5. Evil and dangerous The Other Mother

source: @/tamarismakeup_/


source: @/evecharlmua/

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