10+ Scary Halloween Skull Makeup Ideas

Halloween 2020 is approaching. It’s time to start thinking about dressing up for Halloween. Halloween skull makeup is a classic every year. If done well, this look will shine at the party.

Due to the impact of the epidemic on Halloween this year, we all need to save money. So DIY is the main theme of this year’s Halloween holiday.

We have collected the most talented skull makeup pictures and now start to imitate our material and try to DIY your own Halloween makeup. You can definitely become super dazzling at the Halloween party.


1.Halloween skull and clown makeup

Simple black and white can make a horrible makeup look. You can start practicing from this simplest look.

source: @/_hygrophilous__/


2.Couple Halloween Skull

Still the most frugal plan. Pure black and white makeup paint are sufficient.

source: @/a.j_artistry/


3.Crazy Halloween skull

The horrible skeleton teeth and deadly eye makeup are chilling.

source: @/a.j_artistry/


4.Colorful Halloween skull makeup

Orange, red, purple, and blue can create more terrifying Halloween skulls. Hands and eyebrows can also add elements of horror. Practice more.

source: @/a.j_artistry/


5.Glitch effect skull

Maybe you can try this burr style, especially by adding sequins and gold powder, it will make you stand out.

source: @/ida_elina/


6.Pink skull

Combining cute pink and scary skulls can produce a strong dramatic effect. The bloody skin clip made people tremble.

source: @/rubymediamakeup/


7.Skull with broken gold teeth

The broken style is very suitable for skull shape. Sometimes a cost-saving black tulle can also produce very good results.

source: @/thefatfashfibronista/

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