20+ Best Clown Makeup Ideas for Halloween

Creepy clown makeup for Halloween night can make you the main focus. Of course, you also need some creative ideas to add to your Halloween clown.

Check out the list of clown makeup ideas we’ve compiled and you can get a lot of out-of-the-box Halloween clown inspiration. These ideas can make your clown looks come to life.

But cute clown looks is also a good choice, take a look at our gallery to make your choice.


1.Cute Clown Makeup

Circles are soft graphics. These cute clown looks are kid-friendly too.

source: @/saorimarinne/

source: @/linalordi/


2. Horror Clown Makeup

Eyes, nose, mouth, these parts can be amazingly creative.

Especially for the mouth, draw scary teeth, people will run away screaming when they see your clown on Halloween night.

source: @/linalordi/


3.Gentle Clown

Mild clowns and brooding clowns, kids will love completing this makeup.

source: @/linalordi/


4. Sewing effect clown makeup

The effect of sewing cloth dolls is perfect and frightening.

source: @/linalordi/


5. killer clown

Are killer clowns and crazy clowns your worst nightmare? Bring him to reality and make your friends scream in fear!

Follow our images for inspiration and you’ll find the motivation to execute right away.

source: @/emblawigum/


6.The Twisted Clown

Neuroticism, personality distortions, all of these can be achieved with makeup.

Check out our list and find your own unique makeup ideas that work for you.

source: @/gabikusiak/


7.Insane effect clown.

The messy colors of graffiti show the crazy personality of the clown.

This requires minimal looks skills on your part, and a haphazard doodle is all you need to pull off an optimal Halloween clown.

source: @/sydneypurl/

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