How to Easy Draw an Ear-Step by Step Tutorial

As a beginner, today we’re going to practice draw an ear. Although human ears look complicated, once you understand their structure, you can draw them easily.

In this article, we’ll practice how to simplify complex shapes and then draw a realistic ear step by step.


1. Draw a rough outline of an ear

The profile is simple, just pay attention to the proportions. The top width should be two-fifths of the length.


2. Draw the folds and structures inside the ear

Note the width of the top crease and the position, curvature, and proportion of the middle ear screen.

As a beginner, you can practice a few times. Or draw shorter lines and slowly connect them into one long line.


3. Draw a rough outline of the shadow.

To prepare for applying the shadows. Draw the borders of the shady areas inside the ears.


4. Draw shadow

Draw the most shaded area first. Then the slightly brighter areas.

Usually, the raised areas are the brightest.

It’s okay if you draw wrong, erase with an eraser and try again.

Be sure to use a blended stump.


5. Practice drawing the outline of an ear.


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