How to Draw Side Face for Beginners Step by Step

We have compiled a step-by-step tutorial on how to draw a side face. This tutorial is very easy and is for beginners.

To draw a convincing profile, you need a preliminary understanding of the proportions of the face. Understand the relative position and size of facial features.


Step 1-Draw Two Concentric Circles

First, we draw a circle, and then draw a concentric circle with a radius of three quarters.

This can well determine the position and size of facial features.


Step 2-Draw Side Face Mandible

Draw two vertical lines through the center of the circle.

The radius of the small circle is also the length of the mandible. Draw the position of the mandible according to the method in the figure.


Step 3-Draw Ears and Nose

The length of the ears and nose are the same as the radius of the small circle. The location is also determined, so it is easy to draw.

The position and length of the mandible can be easily found accurately. Pay attention to the arc of the mandible.


Step 4-Draw Side Face Eyes and Mouth

The position of the eyes and eyebrows is on the horizontal line.

The mouth is easy to determine the position and proportions. Just practice as shown.


Step 5-Draw Side Face Some Simple Details

Draw the outline of the hairstyle. Draw some simple shadows.

You finally completed a simple profile portrait of a human face. Of course, you still need to practice many times to see the best results.


Simple exercises for drawing profile faces

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