How to Draw Venom Simple Step by Step

Today we try to draw Venom. This is also a simple step-by-step tutorial for beginners. However, we will only draw the head of Venom.

And you’ll find that this will help you a lot in making your Halloween makeup Venom look. Venom is a popular character in Marvel Comics, and his sharp teeth and big scary eyes are fun to draw.


1. Draw a simple outline of Venom.

First, draw a circle, then draw a v-shape underneath the circle. Notice that the bottom of the v is slightly rounded.

Then draw a plumb line through the center of the circle. This will serve as an important auxiliary line, which is helpful for beginners.

Then start drawing a large X in the lower part of the circle, making sure to have some curvature. Finally, draw the arc on both sides of the X.


2.Refining the profile of Venom

A further V is drawn within Venom jaw, which will determine the thickness of Venom jaw.

Then draw a curved curve in the center of the jaw, this will be the long tongue of parasite terror.

Next draw the outline of Venom large eye, noting the curved and sharp top corner.

Finally draw Venom’s upper jaw, noting that it is a sleek W shape.


3. Draw the tongue and teeth of Venom

Draw Venom’s long tongue and sharp teeth.

This is the most fun part of drawing parasite, use your imagination to draw the creepiest alien parasites.


4. Shading

If you have a red pen, you can paint your venom tongue, mouth and gums red.

Finally, we’ve finished a horrific Venom head.

The tips you get can be used for Halloween makeup.

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