How to Draw a Demon | Step by Step Tutorial

This time we draw a demon again. We’ll draw a creepy demon skull, which is a little more complicated for beginners like us.

But if you follow our step by step instructions patiently, you will be able to draw a stunning demon skull.

And, this exercise will still give you plenty of inspiration for Halloween makeup, Halloween nails, and Halloween decorations.


1. Draw a demon base auxiliary line.

Auxiliary lines are a must for beginners, as they enable us to draw complex pictures and greatly increase our confidence in learning to draw.

First, draw a circle and then draw two vertical auxiliary lines through the center of the circle. Then two more recent vertical auxiliary lines, which will define the eyes and nose of the demon skull.

Then start drawing the eye holes of the demon skull.

It’s pretty easy with the auxiliary lines, isn’t it?


2. Drawing the devil’s horrible teeth and horns.

First draw the eye holes completely. Next draw the nose of the skull.

Next start drawing the devil’s horns, which are the bottom pair. Note the arcs and angles.

Then start drawing the jawbone and the teeth. The teeth are sharp shapes. The number of teeth can be freely determined by the width of your jawbone.


3. Draw a demon horn

We started drawing the horns on top of the demon’s head. These are the two horns of terror that curve inward.

Next draw the outline of the demon’s brow bone and finally draw the two small sharp protrusions on the outside of the eyes.

At this point, our demon has finally finished its outline, so be careful to erase the secondary lines.



4. Shading

We wanted to draw a creepy demon, so shadows and changes in light and dark were key. As beginners we need to take our time.

First draw the shadows of the horns. We can use the secondary lines again.

Then the shadows over the eyes.

Next the shadow of the teeth, and the shadow of the lower horns.

Then the shadow on the forehead.

This is just the initial shadows, but we’ll add more shadow detail at the end.


5. Draw demon eyes and nose shadows

We’ll start by drawing the projection of the horns, then we’ll start drawing the shadows for the eyes and nose, and here we’ll work harder to make the shadows heavier.

The shadows above the eye holes also begin to draw a second layer, adding weight to the shadows.

Then start weighting the shadows of the horns. The three-dimensional look of the demonic horns comes out.


6. Final details

All the horns deepen and intensify the shaded areas.

Then the shadows under the eyes and the jaws.

And finally you can add some cracks to the demon skull.

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