How to Draw a Devil Cute and Step by Step

Do you also want to draw a devil to add to the Halloween festivities? Today we’ve got a step-by-step tutorial for you and your kids on drawing the devil.

It’s a cute devil, more suitable for kids to draw together. And, if your kids want to dress up as a Halloween devil, they can also get inspiration and experience from this tutorial.


1. Draw a devil head

First draw a circle, and since we’re drawing a cute demon, make sure the circle is bigger. It’s about the same proportion as a baby’s body.

Also note that the bottom of the circle is a little flatter.

Then draw the devil’s horns, paying attention to the graceful curves and sharp shapes.

Next draw the eyes of the cute demon, the bigger the better.


2. Draw the outline of the devil’s body

Then draw the devil’s mouth, slanted to show a tooth. It’s a naughty, cute little devil.

Then draw the outline of the devil’s body. Note the proportions and curvature.


3. Draw devil body details

Draw the devil’s arm, then draw the devil’s trident.

Cracked heart, details of clothing.

Finally draw the demon’s tail, note the S-curve. And the tail tapering off.


4.Draw shadows and colors

If you don’t have colored pencils, then you can use only black pencils for shading.


How’s your cute demon work? Post it in the comments section below to see.

Or get ready to dress the kids up as little devils, they’re sure to wield a trident and ask for lots of Halloween candy.

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