Gorgeous Crocodile Nails to Inspire Your Wild Creativity

Crocodile nails are gorgeous and wildly mani style. It is becoming more and more popular among animal print nails, and it is becoming more and more popular among fashionistas as leopard print nails and cow print nails.

Crocodile prints can be found everywhere, bags, belts, and boots can be found with stylish crocodile prints. Today we have carefully compiled some of the most gorgeous crocodile print mani, these stylish nails will surely rock you.


1. Nude color with crocodile nails

Nude color with black or white crocodile print manis is elegant and gorgeous. Combined with French tips, gold accessories, or Ombre style, your crocodile mani will instantly stand out.





2. Amazing crocodile print coffin nails

Coffin manis are already at the forefront of fashion, and with the gorgeous crocodile print, the fusion of the two will become the brightest fashion nail art. The most classic black crocodile print mani is the first choice. Creative blue and brown crocodile prints are also worth trying.



3. French tips and crocodile print nails

French style is always the most fashionable and chances are there is something for every nail style. Crocodile print mixed with French style is definitely right.




4. Longer crocodile mani

Longer nails are more luxurious. With crocodile print, your manicure will become the focus instantly.




5. color ideas for crocodile print nails

Brown, white, green, and the classic black and white contrast, you can try any color for your crocodile print mani. And crocodile prints are often worn with dot prints, flame prints, and also sweater nail styles.

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6. Simple crocodile print mani

If you like minimalism, then try these simple crocodile manis below. There are not too many ornate decorations, just a simple crocodile print, or with some other simple patterns.



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