10+ Stylish French Nail Ideas Worth Collecting

Do you also like French nail ideas? They are simple yet stylish. And there are many amazing variations of modern French manicure.

Take a quick look at our compiled gallery of French mani’s and you’ll confirm the inspiration for your next nail art.


1. French coffin nail ideas

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, check out this fabulous French Valentine’s Day manicure.

Pure white with beautiful heart-shaped decorations. Love is eternal.

With black and the classic white French nails, your manicure will soon be inspired.



2. Innovation in color and shape

The sharp triangle variation gives French nails more character.

A fusion of black or brown, the French manicure is more modern.



3. French nail ideas – shape variations

Do you like coffin nails, almond nails, or claw nails?

All these beautiful manicure shapes can be fused with French ideas.



4. Beautiful colors

If you like color variations, then you can incorporate more colors into your French manicure.

Of course, the classic rounded top of the French manicure can also be tried for a change. For example, the one below incorporates a heart shape variation. This is a stunning Valentine’s Day French mani.

For more color innovation you go for the individual colors.








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