How to One Line Drawing Easy Step by Step

One line drawing is to draw the shape of an object with a single line. This art of drawing is interesting and very challenging.

As beginners, we learned some one-line drawing. Let’s practice together. These are some simple examples. Beginners can do it with simple practice.


1. One line drawing a dolphin

For the first exercise let’s draw a dolphin.




Just pay attention to the graceful curvature of the dolphin’s torso. After several practice sessions, you will be able to draw a perfect and beautiful little dolphin in one line.


2. One line draw a kangaroo



3.One line draw a dog




4. One line draw an elephant



5. One Line Draw Lion



6. Practice one-stroke drawing a horse

As we become more proficient, we can try to draw some complex one-line drawings.

Here is a video of us practicing drawing a horse with one stroke. You can try it out.

I have gone through hundreds of practice sessions.



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