How to Draw a Cornucopia Step by Step

The Cornucopia is also called the Horn of Plenty. It symbolizes endless wealth. The horn of plenty is an important element of Thanksgiving. Today, we are going to draw a Cornucopia step by step.

This is still a simple step-by-step drawing tutorial that is perfect for beginners. Let’s get started!


1. Draw a Cornucopia Approximate Contours

First, we draw a half-circle. Then we draw a curved horn shape behind the semicircle.

Then we begin to draw the basketweave effect on the semicircle.


2. Draw Pumpkin

Next we begin to draw the woven basket effect in the horn section behind the Poly Bowl.

When you are finished, erase the auxiliary lines.

Then we begin to draw the pumpkin. We learned how easy it is to draw a pumpkin in a previous article.

Draw the outline of the pumpkin and simply sketch it.


3. Drawing a Cornucopia—Abundant Food

Next we begin to draw the food and fruit inside the Horn of Plenty.

We drew corn, grapes, apples, and leaves.



4. Draw a Cornucopia-Color the Horn of Plenty

Then we drew the eggplant, and some other fruits.

Finally, we’ll color.

Pay attention to the variation of the grain on the inside and outside of the Horn of Plenty, and the changes in light and shade.

Finally, we’ll finish our Thanksgiving painting. You can even use it to make Thanksgiving cards.

Enjoy the DIY fun.


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