How to Draw a Tree: Step by Step Practice for Beginners

There are many ways to draw a tree. And there are many types of trees. Today, as a beginner, we will practice drawing a simple tree.

We have recorded the learning process step by step, let’s take a look. If you have a better way for beginners to draw trees, you can leave us a message below.


1. Draw a simple tree skeleton.

The first step is to draw a simple skeleton. As a beginner, this allows us to easily control the shape of the tree trunk. It’s easy to start drawing as much as you like.


2. Draw the trunk of the tree

Draw more branches of the tree, and start drawing the trunk.



3. Draw the leaves of the tree

Finish the trunk and perfect the roots of the tree. Remember to erase the previous tree skeleton.

Then start drawing leaves. Draw a rough picture first. Feel free to paint the lines. Use the pencil drawing skills you learned earlier.


4. Finally draw the crown

This is the most interesting part. Think about the outline of the canopy. Also, grasp the contrast between light and dark, and start happy graffiti. Finally, perfect the grass.


Trees are the closest plants to us humans. Look around us. Many of our tools, furniture, and equipment are made of wood.

The most important point is that trees can consume carbon dioxide and produce a lot of oxygen. We cannot do without trees.

Have you drawn your trees? Let’s share.

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