How to Draw: Record Learning Pencil Drawing

Do you want to learn pencil drawing without knowing how to start? If you are also a zero-based beginner, you can take a look at our article and let us start learning pencil drawing together.

Our experience is to abandon your perfectionism, if you can write, you can learn to paint. Don’t be afraid to make stupid mistakes, only continuous mistakes can make progress.

Don’t care about age, many people even begin to learn to paint even after retirement. It’s never too late to start. As long as you have the desire to express yourself, just start.

And you don’t need much time, twenty minutes of pencil drawing practice per day is enough.


Pencil drawing tool

The tools needed are simple, a pencil, an eraser, a blending stump, and of course some paper. As for what kind of paper and what type of pencil should be used, I don’t think it should be too entangled with these things at the beginning.

Ordinary paper that is easy to find and an ordinary 2B pencil will do. Just start drawing as soon as possible.

Well begun is half done!


Basic Craft Of Pencil Drawing

Painting usually requires hands, so the basic technique of painting is to practice control of hands and training of hand-eye coordination.

In the beginning, we can start by simply drawing a circle. Draw circles of different sizes on a piece of paper. Be careful not to overlap. Drawing a circle seems simple, but when you try it, you will find it is not easy. Try it slowly.


Shadows and projection

Determine the position of the light source, usually in the upper right corner. Then draw the projection, followed by the shadow. There is a corner shadow between the two balls.

For a step-by-step study tutorial, you can refer to the book: “You can draw in 30 days”

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