How to Draw Santa Claus Easy Step by Step

Santa Claus is a legendary figure in Christian culture. Legend has it that he gives gifts to good children on the night before Christmas. Today we are going to draw Santa Claus step by step.

This step-by-step tutorial is so easy that children can do it easily.


1.Draw Santa Claus – Head

First we draw Santa’s big nose. We draw a flattened oval.

Then we draw Santa’s beard. The ends of the beard are raised up.

Then we draw Santa’s mouth. This is a U shape. Because the Santa Claus we’re going to draw is saying hello.

Finally, we draw the bottom outline of Santa’s hat. Then we draw Santa’s cheeks.


2. Drawing Head Details

Next we draw the wavy pattern on the bottom of the hat.

Then we drew Santa’s beard.

Then we drew Santa’s eyes and eyebrows.

Finally, we drew Santa’s hat. At the end of the hat, we draw a pom-pom.


3.Draw Santa Claus – Torso Part

Next we start with the beard and draw Santa’s chubby torso.

The bottom of the torso is the edge of Santa’s suit.

Then we draw the legs.

Then we draw Santa’s two arms. And the gloved hands.

Finally, we finish with Santa’s feet.


4. Paint Colors

Next we finished drawing the details of Santa’s suit.

Then we start painting Santa Claus’ colors.

Here, in a few simple steps we have finished drawing a cute Santa Claus.


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