Latest Braids Hairstyles to Try 2020

Are you looking for some new looks? For hair, check out our latest braids hairstyles gallery.

Braids are arguably the oldest hairstyle art. Because it is too simple and practical, you can have perfect braids hairstyle in a few simple weaves. Moreover, daily work is also very convenient, and the hair will not disturb your work.

Of course, today’s braids hairstyles have evolved a lot, and weaving skills are a bit complicated. But look at the tutorial we prepared, these skills are also very good to master.

Dutch braids, French braids, and fishtail braids, we have all the most popular braids for you, let’s take a look.

Side fishtail braids

Lively cute braid hairstyle. Coupled with a few strands of curly hair on the side, the whole is much softer.

Source: @/kiramaslik/

Side braids hairstyles

Have a ponytail or shawl to see which one you like.

Source: @/kiramaslik/

Beach texture braid

The best braid hairstyle for a leisure vacation. Of course, wearing this hairstyle at work is also very good.

Source: @/kiramaslik/

Double dutch braids hairstyles

Vibrant braid hairstyle.

Source: @/missysueblog/

Bushel braids hairstyles

Fluffy beautiful hairstyle. This natural hairstyle is a trend.


Source: @/missysueblog/

Double French braids

Even in the cold snow, this braid hairstyle exudes hot vitality. Try it now.

Source: @/missysueblog/

Free braids

Leisure holidays are best suited for this free and lazy braid hairstyle. Relax.

Source: @/missysueblog/

Waterfall braids hairstyle

Gorgeous braid hairstyle. Intricate and delicate hairstyles, holiday life should be carefully dressed up.

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Dutch Fishtail Ponytail

Another vibrant braid hairstyle. The tall ponytail with fishtail braids on the side and a ribbon tied is also very suitable for holiday wear.

Source: @/missysueblog/

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