20+ Most Fashionable Coffin Nails for You to Choose

If you want a bold and stylish nail idea, then coffin nails are definitely your first choice. Coffin manis have been very hot these past few years, and they fit any size and shape of a finger. Due to their tapered shape, they will make your fingers look thinner and longer.

People love slender fingers. That’s why these coffin manicures are very popular. Moreover, these long nails are suitable for all kinds of bold ideas and colors. If you are new to these nails, you will definitely think that they need a lot of maintenance, but they are actually very strong and easy to maintain. Both acrylic coffin nails and gel coffin nails are very strong and durable.


1. You can never go wrong with French coffin nails

Classic and stylish, French tips coffin manicure is always the most attractive. You can also add livelier touches, such as these various color 3D teddy bears decorated below. This makes your French coffin manicures instantly adorable. Or come with some geometric lines is also a good French nail improvement idea.



2. Gorgeous long coffin nail ideas

White and green ripple details to give your coffin manicure a touch of nature.

Pink ombre long coffin mani, it’s gorgeous!

Transparent long coffin mani with glitter decoration and also gold butterflies, simply opulent.











Source: @karen_figueroa_nails



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