The Most Pretty Nails to Impress You

Pretty nails are important and they are a key element of your outward appearance along with perfect hair and makeup. Having beautiful nails can make you feel happy and make your work or life more motivated.

Today we have some of the most beautiful nail ideas for you. All you need to do to think pretty mani is to focus on the shape of your nails and the popular colors, as well as the pretty pattern details.

Check out our nail gallery and we hope you will find inspiration for pretty nails.


1. The shape of pretty nails

Coffin nails are surely the most beautiful nail shape. Look around and on social networks and you will see this trend. Coffin nails are so popular and they are everywhere with their beautiful ideas.

The most popular light blue color, innovative French style, and hot swirl patterns. These popular nail elements make coffin nails explode with a glamorous new appeal.





2. Swirl nail ideas

With beautiful lines and rhythmic colors, various swirling nail ideas are becoming popular. Whether it’s fall nails or summer nails, swirl ideas can be worn perfectly.


For a beautiful and stylish manicure, besides coffin manicure is almond nails. Abstract creativity, geometric lines, and elegant little flowers create unparalleled perfect almond nails.


Stunning light green nail ideas with pink details, this is the perfect almond nail.



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