100 Best Coffin Nails Worth Copying

Coffin nails, also known as Ballerina Nails, have been popular for many years. It is said these nails originated in the 1990s and were inspired by Ballet shoes.

Compared with short square nails, the shape of the coffin nails can make the fingers longer and more elegant.
The Coffin nails ratio is perfect, close to the golden ratio. It’s as fascinating as the slender, graceful dance of a ballet dancer.

Today, we collect up to 100 coffin nail ideas. Mainly minimalist coffin nails. But there are plenty of colors for you to choose from.

Gleaming lacquer; Delicate pink; Black and red; Natural nails; White and blue; Burgundy extravaganza; Violet; Glitter; matte… Have everything that you expect to find!

Long coffin nail enthusiasts, cheer! These ideas are enough for you to try one by one for a long time.


The amazing coffin nails

Flame patterns, heart details, rhinestones, color-changing glitter, sequin embellishments, clashing nails, neutral nails, nude nails, ombre nails, these most popular nail ideas create stunning coffin manicure ideas that will leave no one indifferent.





Source: instagram>/best_nailsclips/

Did you find the most exciting design? Take your time. Don’t forget to pin it on your board.

The purple gradient coffin manicures are very special.


Frosted or glossy long coffin manicures, which one do you prefer?


The nail color matches the shoes perfectly.


Pink coffin manicures with black coffin manicures.


Gorgeous rainbow nails with contrast to other pretty colors.


Richly colored coffin nails

Long coffin manicures in a variety of colors look elegant and beautiful, whether glossy or frosted.

Adding some French-style or sequin decoration is also very attractive.



The blue bright coffin manicures are unusually beautiful.


French coffin manicures are always on-trend.


Are you considering trying the eye-catching red coffin manicures?


Blue frosted coffin manicures.


The long nude coffin manicures are really very attractive.


Green frosted coffin manicures.


Compare black coffin manicures with other beautiful coffin manicures, you choose.


White coffin manicures and other color contrast.


The green coffin manicures are vibrant.



Yellow coffin manicures and other color contrast.



Long coffin manicures with nude colors are eye-catching and glamorous.



The best color ideas for long coffin manicures are yours to choose from.


Source: instagram>/best_nailsclips/



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