70 Charming Simple Tattoo Ideas to Inspire You

Simple tattoo is becoming more and more popular. Especially among young people, almost everyone has a small and simple tattoo. The first tattoo design that people choose is usually simple tiny tattooing.

Just because the ink is small does not mean that it is less symbolic or influential than a large tattoo. Small tattoos can be just as rich in meaning. It can also express your beliefs and tell your story. Modern society is living at a faster pace, environmentalism and minimalism are popular, and people are more and more interested in expressing their individuality, and small tattoos fit well into this trend.

Therefore,  simple ink ​is perfect. It can not only satisfy our need to express ourselves, but also avoid too radical attention.

There are some meaningful and creative small tattoo designs in this article, so read on to find a simple ink idea you’ll be happy with.


1. Simplicity ink is usually a line tattooing or a geometric tattoo.

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2. The simplified ink or characters of common objects in life is also the most used design of minimalist tattoos.



3. forearm tattooing, elbow ink, rib ink, ankle tattooing, are generally the most common locations for simple ink designs.




4. boat anchor tattooing, small palm tree tattooing, small wave tattooing and so on these are meaningful and simple tattooing ideas.




5. Cute cat paw ink, crescent moon wreath ink, flying seagull ink, simple small tattoos can also express a lot of moral meaning.




6. Moon phase change tattoos, dandelion tattoos, simple tattoos to provoke thought.



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