What determines the beauty of a perfect face?

The perfect face of the golden ratio, what do you think? Gold ratio, 1.618, what determines this value? Did God roll the dice to determine the value?

Was it the moment everything started, the moment the Big Bang started? Is the distance between the nucleus and the electrons the decisive factor in the instant when the most basic hydrogen element is born?

Billions of years ago, when our solar system was born, did the birth of our planet from hot seeds determine this value?

Is it the birth of the Earth’s primitive oceans, the moment the primitive single-celled organisms were created in the thunder of lightning, that determined the golden ratio?

Is it the first oceanic creature to stumble onto land that determines this value?

Agile cheetahs, slender sharp claws, tear up prey! The galloping horse, neighing, Tail fluttering!

Elegant swan, beautiful dance by the lake! The eagle dived at top speed!

For the first time, apes walk upright,

For the first time, they used tools,

Do they also perceive the Golden Ratio?


Everything follows a kind of beauty, golden ratio! The perfect face also is!









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