Nail Designs and Costume Matching Choice

Nowadays nail designs are as important as clothing, hair, and makeup. And it takes some thought on how to match your nail design with your outfit, hair, etc. Especially with color matching.

A perfect match can make you feel more confident and have a good mood. Here you can see a lot of amazing nail matching ideas.

Minimalism is becoming a trend in fashion today. So don’t be too complicated. You know: Less is more. So a simple nail idea is your first choice.

Look at our collection of 50+ nail matches below, hoping to give you great inspiration!


1. Nail designs and shoes

The most eye-catching match is your nails and shoes. And of course in summer, your toenails.

The overall color of the top and bottom, if well matched, will make you look slimmer and more confident. Take a look at these perfect matching displays below and hopefully provide some inspiration for nail matching.










2. The perfect nail color match

No matter what color nail you like, you can find a stunning outfit or hair to go perfectly with it.

Check out these classic nail tips.










3. Simple nails with

These matching tips are simple and elegant. The occasional gorgeous nail is not too ostentatious. If you like this style go ahead and try it out.









Source: @sherlinanym


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