Small Kitchen Full of Ideas to Inspire You

We all dream of having our own big house with a bright and spacious kitchen. But the reality is that many of us live in tiny apartments. Even scarier is the small kitchen with strange shapes.

However you don’t have to be frustrated, a small and oddly shaped kitchen can’t limit your cooking space design potential. There are tons of small cooking space design ideas that can improve storage and efficiency and make your small kitchen look even somewhat grand.


1. Small kitchen design using the basic principles

Make full use of the high space, do not worry about taking things inconvenient, there are well-designed cabinets that can easily pull out and drop the height. The space on high is critical!

Hanging cooking utensils, the utensils that can be hung up as much as possible.

The color echoes above and below, which will make your small space look big immediately.





2. Kitchen decorative colors

Try to use a large area of soft and bright tones. A little space will be cozier and will become a place where you like to cook and hang out.



Minimalist Little cooking space.



3. Cozy small space

The retro red brick wall is warm and special.



4. Mini kitchen shades

The light green small space is full of nature. It makes people feel good.





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