10+ Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas Anyone Can Do Easily

2021 Halloween is almost here again before you know it. Do you already have some plans for your Halloween costume this year? We’ve compiled some easy Halloween makeup ideas. These ideas are easy to accomplish, but can definitely make a lasting impression on Halloween night.

These Halloween makeup looks have been created by talented makeup artists, and although they are not complicated you should be aware that they also require some simple practice to achieve the best results. Overcome your procrastination and let’s get started early.


1. Easy Halloween makeup ideas can try space elements

You can try space or sci-fi elements for Halloween this year. Rockets, starry sky, aliens, Mars, are all great ideas.

If you make a Falcon 9 rocket model for kids that can be worn, it will definitely become the focus of Halloween.


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2. Cruella Halloween makeup

This year’s Halloween may be the year of Cruella. And this makeup is very simple.

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3. Broken doll Halloween makeup

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4. Spider Queen Halloween looks

Queen Arachne is the classic Halloween looks every year, eyes or mouth crawling out of the spider look scary and dramatic.

The key point of this black widow Halloween looks is the shadows that make your spider three-dimensional.


Monster finger piercing skin looks, this Halloween looks is simple and scary, replace it with spider’s claws effect is also good.



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