Stunning Arrow Tattoos Make You Brave

Arrow tattoos are also one of the more popular tattoos. As you can see from its sharp appearance, the arrow tattoo represents strength and courage. Arrows are widely found in all civilizations around the world. The bow and arrow is a powerful hunting and fighting weapon. Therefore, the arrow tattoo meaning also has the meaning of protection and peace.

Arrow tattoos were popularly worn by the early American sailors who first started wearing them. They were often at sea, away from their families, so the thoughts of their families with arrows and heart combined with the tattoo to express. Later military men also liked this meaningful tattoo.

Modern arrow tattoos have been greatly innovated and changed. Today we have prepared some amazing arrow tattoo design ideas to hopefully get inspired and the courage to try to change.


1. antique broken arrow tattoos

Broken arrow tattoos generally represent peace. The middle is connected with words, which generally have a special commemorative meaning. Feathers are also generally an important embellishment for arrow tattoos. Feathers generally signify freedom and wisdom. And in reality, feathers can stabilize the direction of the arrow more.



2. Bow and arrow tattoo

Bow tattoos and arrow tattoos between lovers represent unwavering love and romance. And there is a compass tattoo embellished, which represents a lifetime of efforts to move forward in life.



3. Simple arrow ink

The simple arrow shape with waves and mountains in the middle. It represents the bravery to go over the various twists and turns and difficulties in life.



4. Minimalist arrow tattooing

The simple yet sharp arrow represents power. And graceful arcs dotted on it, and show the softness.



5. Semicolon arrow tattoo

Semicolon tattoos represent overcoming difficulties, and many times this difficulty is psychological. The combination of the arrow and semicolon tattoo suggests that you have more power to change yourself and start fresh.




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